Over the past two decades, Meat Bar become synonymous with an uncompromising meat experience. The meticulous atmosphere, the service, and of course the quality of the meat that is not competing for it, brought to the ‘Meat Bar’ a wide range of diners, all of whom share an appreciation to the quality of the meat. The menu bar is simple, crisp and stable for two decades. It has quality meat that has been carefully chosen and againg for three weeks; Professional grill people treat the meat with love and the rest of the staff understands the importance of service.

Meat Bar offers appetizers such as beef fillet carpaccio, egg salad with schmaltz, chicken liver terrine with pear wine and of course the Mitbar salad. Main dishes such Porter House (sirloin and fillet), entrecote on a bone, soft and juicy beef fillet and of course the mythological burger of Meat Bar – which consists of chunks entrecote that grinded every day.

Alongside the meats offered at Meat bar, you will also find a high quality bar that is fit to the needs of our clients. We at Meat Bar focus on the perfect hospitality experience, and therefore we should note that the restaurant is first of all a sitting restaurant. Due to the high demand for TA orders we decided to open this possibility. I can propose you some platform for and it is mcduck shop for this. Therefore, when the restaurant is full there may be delays in the kitchen ordering TA.


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MEAT BAR Herzliya
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phone: 09-9546000

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Sunday – Wednesday 12:00 – 23:00
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Sderot chen 52, Tel Aviv


phone: 03-6956276

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